– Signature Treatment

Ayurvedic Therapies

At Om Day Spa we specialise in Ayurvedic Therapies – these therapies are based on traditional Indian medicine which encompasses the Science of life. These therapies aim to balance your dosha bringing serenity to the mind and body. We offer both Ayurvedic and Western therapies throughout our menu.

Ayurvedic Massage and Steam Treatment

Abhyanga and Swedana – This treatment stimulates deep circulatory stagnation and counters body stiffness. A warm medicated oil massage using rhythmic strokes followed by a herbal steam to allow skin to absorb the nourishment of the oils.

90 minutes $205

Ayurvedic Head and Foot Massage

Beginning with a seated head massage while your feet soak in rose water you will immediately feel the vitality returning to you. Continue your therapy laying down with a scalp and foot massage. You will feel tension diffuse from the extremities of the body.

60 minutes $145

Lush Locks

Ayurvedic Hair Spa Treatment. Traditional Om signature ritual to encourage lustrous and repaired hair. A 15 minute shirodhara is performed to calm the mind then scalp and neck massage is performed followed by a herbal hair mask. This treatment can be altered to treat hair loss with medicated oils and specific herbal masks.

60 minutes $145

Massage - Reinvented Classics

Luxury Crystal Relaxation

Indulge in a customised fully body massage with genuine crystal charged aromatherapy oils. This massage uses light relaxing pressure and flowing technique. The powerful healing properties of aromatic wildflower essences and precious gem stones work in unison to take you on a balanced journey calming the mind.

60 minutes $145 full body

90 minutes $190 full body and focus areas

Tension Release

A therapeutic massage melts away the body tension within whilst calming the mind. This full body massage is personalised to you with luxurious blended oils. Leaving you feeling restored and more flexible by combatting your stressed areas within the body.

60 minutes $145 full body

Lotus Om Signature Massage

Exclusive to OM this massage is the ultimate body balancing and rejuvenating massage. Releasing tension and tailored to your preference of pressure this massage realigns the body whilst taking you on a journey of massage techniques across the world. With a blend of hot stone placement, Ayurvedic, Hawaiian and Swedish massage.

60 minutes $150 full body massage

90 minutes $205 includes Head and foot massage

Mum to Be Massage

A soft and nurturing massage that relieves the areas a pregnancy puts stress upon. Our highly trained staff will leave you feeling revived and restored. Only available between 12 and 36 weeks of pregnancy.

60 minutes $145

Ayurvedic Facials

Using Om Veda Ayurvedic skin care we can treat all areas of skin care effectively and precisely while offering you the purest organic treatments. These facials are a truly sensory journey.

Om Veda Prescriptive Facial

This facial is designed according to your skin requirements. Prescribing the finest in Ayurvedic skin care to rejuvenate your skin. OmVeda facials are herbal and organic whilst being highly effective. Your treatment will include a signature facial massage as well as hand massage and scalp. With over 20 combinations for this treatment it will be truly customised to you and your Ayurvedic constitution.

60 minutes $155

Om Veda Deluxe Exotic Facials

Power of herbs plus exotic gems and metals

Pure Silver – This facial has cooling properties for inflammatory, allergic and heat sensitive skins. Your skin will be refined and emerge hydrated and calmed.

Royal Pearl - With the benefits of the rare pearl ash this facial rejuvenates and strengthens cell structures with high amino acids. It is perfect for those suffering from hyper pigmentation and will leave skin balanced and with a beautiful lustre.

24 Carat Gold – Pure gold is used to rejuvenate the skin combatting ageing and dull skin. It is ideal for dry mature skin and improves circulation.

60 minutes $175

Diamond Dreams

Totally indulgent and a powerful age-defying treatment kick starting cellular metabolism and collagen production. An elixir of youth for timeless beauty.

60 minutes $190

**Please note whilst OmVeda is organic, Vegan versions of the facial are available upon request.

OM Spa Journeys

Om Goddess Indulgence

Let your body and soul relax with a goddess inspired journey. A rose water foot soak will welcome you as we customise your ritual ahead. Begin with a personalised relaxation massage with gemstone infused oils followed by a herbal dry body scrub and a nourishing hand and feet mask. A deluxe exotic facial is performed and a tension relieving facial massage softens the skin. Emerge an OM Goddess.

2.5 Hours $320

Mr Om Regroup

Recharge your back and body it’s time to regroup. Relax aching muscles with a private steam room session followed by a full body massage using customised pressure to melt away tension. Refresh the skin with a deep facial cleanse and exfoliation to lift impurities balanced by a custom mask. While the mask works into the skin a stimulating scalp massage clears the mind.

2.5 Hours $320

The Indulgent - Om Half Day Escape

We will welcome you with a warm foot soak to relax you as the steam room awaits for some muscle relaxing work. A full body sugar scrub and kaolin clay mask is applied all over the body and the under the rain vichy experience will leave your skin soft and renewed. The lotus signature massage is then performed to bring you on a unique massage journey to melt away tension, aches and pains. Om Veda’s exotic deluxe facial will balance and restore the face and a signature facial massage will relax you completely. Your spa journey will be completed with artisan fresh teas and a lunch platter.

3.5 hours $420

The Ultimate – Luxury Om Day Escape

Begin your day with a private yoga class and meditation to awaken the body and calm the mind. Whilst consulting with your therapist enjoy a luxurious aromatherapy rock foot soak while sipping on artisan fresh teas. Detoxify and reward the body after yoga with a steam session and under the rain experience Vichy shower. Your body will be exfoliated with organic lemon scrub and nourished with a raw chocolate and raspberry mask. A trio of canapés are served while you relax in your robes before your customised full body gemstone massage and exotic facial experience fully relaxes you. Let your hands and feet be treated in a warm bees wax and honey rejuvenating mask. You will complete your escape with a spa platter served with your choice of a vitality or indulgent drink from the menu.

5.5 Hours $650

Water Body Experiences

Under the Rain Experience

A unique experience of a body exfoliation and clay mask whilst under a warm rainwater Vichy Shower. The treatment begins with a steam session and leaves your whole body soft and renewed.

60 minutes $145

Chakra Body Experience

Full body sugar scrub followed by a body mask. You are then invited to enter into your drawn warm rainwater bath immersed in light therapy to balance the chakras. Overlooking the natural bushland enjoy time out with herbal tea and hydrotherapy jets.

60 minutes $145


Choose one of these luxurious enhancements to add on to a treatment booked from the menu.

Chromo Therapy Bath

Let colour therapy immerse your bath drawn with specific salts and oils

45 minutes $65

Halotherapy Bath

Let a Magnesium charged warm bath relieve aches and pains

45 minutes $65

Aroma Therapy Steam Session

45 minutes $65

Back Neck Shoulder Massage

40 minutes $95

OmVeda Mini Facial

40 minutes $95

Passes + Fitness Memberships

Private Yoga Class + Meditation

One hour private rejuvenating yoga class $100 for up to two people and $25 per person. Mats provided. In the warmer months Yoga is undertaken beneath the peppy trees and in winter by the open fire.


Paul & Shona

"From the Moment we arrived and met you all we began the journey of our 25th Wedding Anniversary. We have been magically blessed with warmth peace, friendship and laughter! Words cannot possibly thank you all for the amazing hospitality, let alone the abundance of beauty and care we have received."